About WidgetChimp

WidgetChimp is a collection of specialised tools for professional eBay businesses. They’re built for the smallest and the largest eBay seller. You can use them to sell smarter too.

Every widget in WidgetChimp has been inspired by the needs of the largest eBay businesses in the UK.

It was from challenges of large scale marketplace user, through frustrations & requests from clients that the team has worked with, that each widget has been created to solve a specific need. And that includes the latest eBay responsive listing template builder.


Meet The Founder, Matthew

Matthew Ogborne

Marketplace Expert & Entrepreneur 

Matthew Ogborne, Founder of WidgetChimp.com has worked with the largest marketplace businesses in the United Kingdom. That includes Tesco Outlet & Office Shoes.

Starting out selling on eBay, Matthew was one of the very first eBay UK PowerSellers, since then he’s worked with for two Multi Channel software companies, MarketWorks, now owned by ChannelAdvisor and eSellerPro and hundreds of business owners like yourself.

Matthew is the author of the book entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Multi Channel Software” and is also the Co-Founder of UnderstandingE.com The 3rd Generation of Multi Channel software using Magento & the eBay subsidised extension, M2EPro.

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