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eBay Related Items Widget Coming Soon!

Being able to cross promote other products you have on sale on eBay is key to an exit strategy for any eBay seller and over the past 6 weeks the eBay Related Items Widget has been in development and she’s almost ready! This isn’t any old related items widget, as with all the other widgets available you’re […]

The “Reviews Cloud” Widget is Live!

We’re stoked to bring you the very first “Reviews Cloud” widget for eBay. You may have heard of the term “Tag Cloud” before, they were all the rage in the world of WordPress to display tags in a cloud of comments and WidgetChimp have taken this concept and made work for eBay sellers. The “Reviews […]

3 New Delivery ETA Widget Backgrounds Added

We’ve added 3 new eBay Delivery ETA Widget styles for you to choose from in your WidgetChimp account. The first is a bright multi-coloured van that will suit almost every eBay listing with a strong call-to-action of “Order Now”. The second is a vibrant red bullet style also featuring a clear call to action, with […]

PDF Invoicing Added

The team has been busy in the background and you’re now able to download view your invoices directly within your administration panel. Your invoices are available to view, print or download as a PDF file. To access your invoices, from the top menu select Settings > Billing History to see a complete break down.

Tesco-Outlet Uses WidgetChimp’s Reviews Widget on eBay

Tesco-Outlet part of Tesco Plc the UK’s largest retailer is now using WidgetChimp’s eBay Reviews Widget on their eBay UK listings. [title size=”2″]Comments are No Longer Lost in the Ether[/title] [testimonials backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=”#000″] [testimonial name=bobobrains” gender=”male” company=”eBay Buyer”]”Arrived promptly and as described. Ta.”[/testimonial] [testimonial name=adonaki” gender=”female” company=”eBay Buyer” link=”” target=””]”Excellent deal, excellent condition, no problems, […]