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ByPublicDemand Sell Over 1,400 Pairs of Shoes In a Day!

One of WidgetChimp’s latest users ByPublicDemand used the eBay Reviews Widget in their eBay “Daily Deal” and sold over 1,400 pairs in one day.

What’s most surprising about this huge sales velocity was that only last week a similar deal was offered and less that 500 pairs were sold, combine this with a deal was hosted on a Saturday (and we all know Saturdays are typically not the “best” day for eCommerce sales) and the scorching weather in the UK at the moment, what a result!

[title size=”2″]What ByPublicDemand Says About the Daily Deal’s Success[/title]
We asked the owner of ByPublicDemand what he thought about the daily deal and this what he said:

[testimonial name=”Usman Riaz” gender=”male” company=”ByPublicDemand”]I know from experience that Saturdays are not the best day for running daily deals and with the weather the way it is at the moment I wasn’t that hopeful. But by the time the daily deal had finished we cleared over 1,400 pairs, both my team and eBay were ecstatic with the deals success. Did WidgetChimp help us reach this number? Of course![/testimonial]

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[title size=”2″]About ByPublicDemand[/title]
ByPublicDemand is one of the footwear & fashion leaders in the UK  for the online marketplaces. They have gone from zero feedback to over 42,000 positives in under 6 years and have a newly launched website at


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