Dynamic eBay Store Categories Widget

Dynamic eBay Store Categories Widget

This widget is part of the Responsive eBay listing template builder and shows your eBay store categories in your eBay listing template.

There is zero configuration required, however this widget does come with several cool features:

  • 3 choices of layout
  • You can choose the colours
  • You can change the heading text and the icon
  • And you can elect to include your “Other” category too

This widget is updated each night and follows the ordering of your eBay store categories in the “Manage My Shop” section of eBay.


Configurable Options

Take a look at the screenshot over to the right.

This is another example of the dynamic eBay store categories widgets in action and you can see that not only are the top level store categories shown, but also any 2nd level eBay store categories too.

Selecting this option is dead easy, as it’s just a drop-down box selection.

If you like the way it looks, press save and then press “Apply Changes” and all of your eBay listings will be updated instantly.

Note: The same applies to any other modifications you’ve made to your listing template, including the layout, colour scheme & font faces used. You really are in control.

Dynamic eBay Store Categories Example 2
eBay Store Categories Widget

Top Level & 50/50 Sub Categories

We know that you may have a lot of categories that are active in your eBay store.

With this option you’re able to show your second level categories in two separate columns.

So that instead of having a really long sidebar in your listing template, this saves around a third of the height, which makes it much easier for your customers to navigate to the category they’re looking for.

The eBay stores category widget is just one of 24 fully responsive widgets that are available with WidgetChimp.

Blue Not Your Colour?

You’re in control and can select any colour scheme you desire.

eBay Store Categories Widget Black

eBay Store Categories Widget Pink
eBay Store Categories Widget Purple
eBay Store Categories Widget Green