Tell Your Customers When Their Order Will Arrive

eBay Delivery ETA Widget 1
eBay Delivery ETA Widget 2
eBay Delivery ETA Widget 3

Copy & Paste Easy

After creating your delivery ETA widget, adding this to your eBay listings is easy, peasy.

Just copy & paste the provided code and revise your eBay listing.

Then as soon as you view the listing, you’ll be provided with an ETA of when your order will be with you, if you order right now.

The Clock Is Ticking

You may have seen a similar feature on

The eBay Delivery ETA widget is the first of its kind to be available to all eBay sellers.

This widget allows you to show your customers when their order will arrive with them and for the first time, adds a sense of urgency to buy it now listings.

It’s Smart

The widget knows about bank holidays, Christmas and weekends and calculates the delivery time based upon the values you set.

You’re able to set your cut-off time for last orders, the handling time it takes you to pick, pack & dispatch your orders.

If you choose to do so, you can set your delivery ETA widget counter to change colour in the last few minutes to draw extra attention to the fact that if the customer orders right now, their order could be with them on the next working day.

If you despatch orders on the weekend, you can also let the delivery ETA widget know about this too and it’ll know that an order despatched on a Saturday will be with the customer the following Monday, assuming that is that you’ve set it to use a 24 hour despatch method, if it’s more then it’ll move the delivery ETA one day forwards accordingly.

Select Your Style

You’re not limited to just one style of delivery ETA widget, there are multiple styles to choose from and you can create as many widgets as you like.

One widget may have a cut off time of 3pm and a handling time of zero days as you have those products in stock.

However, if you have one or more products that use just-in-time despatch and you need to add in an extra days handling time, that’s easy, create a new delivery ETA widget and set the handling time to 1 day.