Tesco Outlet Uses eBay Reviews Widget from WidgetChimp

Tesco-Outlet Uses WidgetChimp’s Reviews Widget on eBay

Tesco-Outlet part of Tesco Plc the UK’s largest retailer is now using WidgetChimp’s eBay Reviews Widget on their eBay UK listings.

[title size=”2″]Comments are No Longer Lost in the Ether[/title]

[testimonials backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=”#000″]
[testimonial name=bobobrains” gender=”male” company=”eBay Buyer”]”Arrived promptly and as described. Ta.”[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=adonaki” gender=”female” company=”eBay Buyer” link=”” target=””]”Excellent deal, excellent condition, no problems, I’ll use Tesco again.”[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=filbert3000″ gender=”male” company=”eBay Buyer” link=”” target=””]”Perfect, Thank you!!.”[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=dmdmparsons” gender=”female” company=”eBay Buyer” link=”” target=””]”Prompt delivery and excellent communication, many thanks”[/testimonial]

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The eBay Reviews Widget shows the feedback comments received from other buyers right back in the listing that they bought from.

Comments from happy customers such as the ones above are no longer lost in the ether of eBay, they’re brought right back into the listing they came from to show new potential buyers what other customers think of the product they purchased and the experience they received from Tesco-Outlet.

[title size=”2″]Lets See it Working[/title]

The customer feedback comments above are from a Tesco-Outlet listing that has sold over 80 items, previously every time a customer left a comment about their order, it would ahve been lost, these are now brought back into the listing and shown for new customers to see. An example of this:


eBay Reviews Widget on Tesco-Outlet Listings


[title size=”2″]Would you like to know more?[/title]

You can view the full low-down on the eBay Review Widget here and see how you could be leveraging the power of social recognition in your eBay listings, in just 10 minutes.

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